The Premise: Stories From The Front Line Of Tech

The Premise is a new podcast from Forbes’ tech news team that defogs and defuses the hype in business technology. We try to spot and explain the most important trends in mobile, security, cloud and data and explore how companies and organizations are using these tools to make the world a better and more profitable place. The Premise will alternate between feature segments and interviews with the brightest minds in tech.
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Aug 30, 2016

People are using Trello to plan everything from their weddings to their sales strategies. But what happens when the market is overrun with productivity apps, including some that are just too addictive?

Aug 23, 2016

At the Forbes AgTech Summit, Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard sits down with Dr. Robert T. Fraley, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Monsanto, about what the future holds for farming technology.

Aug 16, 2016

In 2015, Instagram earned an estimated $630 million in revenue. In 2016, it's on track to earn $1.5 billion. In this episode, we examine how Instagram made itself a prestige brand for advertisers and why its acquisition by Facebook is a model that other tech companies should pay attention to.

Aug 9, 2016

For decades, we used the mouse and keyboard to tell our computers what to do. Today we’re starting to use touchscreens and voice commands. Tomorrow? We may use nothing more than a flick of our wrist – or our thoughts. Join us as we talk to some of the innovators creating the interfaces of the future.

Aug 2, 2016

Since its release, 'Pokémon GO' has quickly become a global phenomenon. We take a look at the business behind the game and what it might mean for both Nintendo and AR in the future. We also talk to Chikai Ohazama, Keyhole cofounder and longtime Google engineer, who provides insight into the game’s evolution and roots in mapping software.